Article 5 – 6 Web Sites You Can’t Do Without


Berkeley Parents Network The parents in the Berkeley, CA region have created a web site that promotes conversations between parents on scores of topics. This is a beautiful model for any community that wishes to increase dialogue among its residents, where each can act as both learner and teacher.

cnetCNET CNET provides insight on varieties of technological topics, from concerns about corporate issues to reviews of new tools. Keep up with what’s going on both within the industry and surmise about how new these innovations will affect education.


E School News E School News provides the most comprehensive coverage of how technology is impacting education around the country. Currently ESN is covering the new MS Student 2006 software. It’s got just about everything a student would want (except a version of Star Wars!). Check details and when it will be available here.


George Lucas Educational Foundation (GLEF) Star Wars creator has declared war on educational mediocrity. GLEF publishes “Edutopia”, an online ezine citing exemplary schools and programs around the country, often available in multi media. Well worth exploring its many issues over the past several years.


Learning Times There are many dimensions to offerings from Learning Times, from promoting virtual communities to offering webcasts and podcasts on issues affecting education at different levels.

techlearningTechnology & Learning Another comprehensive e publication aimed at keeping you informed about products and issues related to educational technology, especially at the K-12 level.

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