Article 4 – 3 Books To Place On Your “To Read Now” List:

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Quotations from Testimonials:
Advance Praise for “Guiding Lights” by Eric Liu

“Through inspiring examples and luminous prose, Eric Liu reminds us that we have the capacity to be both teachers and students throughout our lives. The book distills the essence of learning and mentorship, and offers the prospect of self-discovery to all who listen to its Guiding Lights.”   – Carolyn Kennedy

Praise for “A Whole New Mind” by Daniel Pink
“This book is a miracle. One the one hand, it provides a completely original and profound analysis of the most pressing personal and economic issue of the days ahead “… how the gargantuan changes wrought by technology and globalization are going to impact the way we live and work and imagine our world. Then Dan Pink provides an equally original and profound and practical guidebook for survival “and joy” in this topsy-turvy environment. I was moved and disturbed and exhilarated all at once. A few years ago, Peter Drucker wondered whether the modern economy would ever find its Copernicus. With this remarkable book, we just may have discovered our Copernicus for the brave new age that’s accelerating into being.”

“Why  America’s Children Can’t Think” by Peter Kline
From Booklist…
According to teacher and education researcher Kline, American children cant think because they haven’t been properly taught to read. Too much reading education, as measured by standardized tests, focuses on comprehension rather than interpretation, which Kline considers a better measure of the ability to think. From research, and his own experience as a slow reader, “he read at the fourth-grade level while in junior college”, Kline offers a different approach to reading that encourages engagement and thinking. The first part of his book focuses on reading development issues; the second part focuses on comprehension and interpretation. He reviews research on physiological differences in learning development, varying learning styles, pedagogical approaches to teaching reading, and use of visualization and imagination in reading. Kline’s own obvious love of reading makes this informative book particularly enjoyable as well as helpful to parents, teachers, and others interested in literacy.
– Vanessa Bush
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