Change! What is it? How does it happen? When will it come? What can we do about it?

Sometimes change comes with a horrific shaking. Witness Haiti, Indonesia, Western China. Sometimes it creeps up on us like an early morning fog, engulfing us and leaving us afraid with zero visibility.

Really, we cannot predict what the changes will be. We can only know that tomorrow and all of the tomorrows after that will be different than today, just as today is different than yesterday. But just because we can’t predict precisely what changes will take place, we can prepare. We have the capacity to develop ourselves. We can adjust to change rather than just accepting it.

Some years ago I directed an organization that produced a video titled “The New Entrepreneurs of Elkhart County.” It wasn’t about what we normally think of as entrepreneurs. It urged everyone to think of themselves as entrepreneurs, human resources with the capability of forging the skills and attitudes to make the best uses of their talents. “Everyone can be an entrepreneur” the video proclaimed. Each of us can market ourselves just as we see products in stores and showrooms marketed. We have value and that value can be tapped to produce new goods and services. Change happens. But if we develop our skills to be flexible in the wake of change we can guide our own futures.

Don’t find yourself enveloped a fog of uncertainty. Plan for change. Prepare. The future can be better than you think!

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