Article 7 – Web Sites of Interest to Educators


The Website of author Stephanie Pace Marshall

This is the first time we have featured an author’s web site rather than highlighting his or her book. There’s a very valid reason in this case. Stephanie Pace Marshall exudes a vision, a spirit, and the power in her writing that is unexcelled in stating the critical need for educational transformation. Her biography is audacious, but even more her writing will compel any reader to take up the flag and march, not for better schools as presently constituted, but for dramatic change, change that can lead our children into a better world. I urge every reader of this eZine to read Dr. Marshall’s message. You will be changed forever! — ED

A dramatic video and related materials are designed to motivate individuals to join actions for educational transformation. Check out what YOU can do!



Rising Above the Gathering Storm – National Academies report. This study confirms the crisis that we’re in educationally.


We are a rag-tag, fugitive group of podcasters united not only by our passion for podcasting, but also by our network… the Podcaster Central Network. We invite you to join us there, exchange ideas and resources, collaborate with us, and basically fuel this magnificent obsession… to Podcast with a Passion!


Legos are more than just a few little plastic bricks as you can find out here.


A cooperative group led by Terry Freedman authored booklet Coming of Age for teachers wanting to use some of the new Web 2.0 tools in the classroom. Download it as .pdf from the site.

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