Article 5 – Recommended Web Sites

elob Expeditionary Learning offers an exemplary on-going program for professional development on a school-by-school basis. It takes a major commitment by school and district administrators as well as teachers. But the results can be well worth the effort. The following is quoted from its Web site:

“Who We Are and What We Offer
Students engaged in rigorous academic work and helping one another, teachers with a passion for teaching, schools with a culture of service and community: these are the hallmarks of an Expeditionary Learning school. Our customized, multi-year professional development for K-12 teachers based on EL’s design principles and core practices can help you get there. “

watchingamerica “O wad some Power the giftie gie us to see oursels as ithers see us!” That may be 18th century Scottish language (Robert Burns in his poem “To a Louse”), but the meaning still strikes clear. Watching America publishes articles from media sources the world over and gives a clear perception of how many nations around the world view The United States and its policies. It’s well worth a few minutes to dig into these at any time, as we become more and more globalized and need to understand more about the perceptions of each other, whether here or anywhere in the world.

creativecow Creative Cow is a site that supports many different facets necessary in media production, and does these things in an easy to follow format. If you’re interested in producing your own videos or podcasts, turn to Creative cow for ideas.

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