Article 3 – Web Sites That Can Expand Your Knowledge

unitedstreamingUnited Streaming, , a division of Discovery Education, has the largest data base of video clips and photos in the country. Check out whether it or a similar system is available in your children’s school.

lovefreegamesLove Free Games includes many educationally oriented games. Check ’em out, have fun, and strengthen your mental processes, all at the same time! Many predict that game theory will be come the next big wave for educating youth in higher level thinking skills.

chalkwavesChalkwaves is another great database produced by a coalition of PBS stations and media companies primarily in the Midwest.

nobelprizeNobel Prize contains a link to “Games and Simulations” related to Math and Science. This is a great opportunity for students to use their fascination with gaming to apply those skills to the development of critical thinking related to mathematics and the sciences.

smarthinkingSMARTHINKING, ,based in Washington, DC, provides people, technology and training to help institutions offer their students outstanding academic support. Schools, colleges, universities, libraries, government agencies, textbook publishers and other education providers work with SMARTHINKING to increase student achievement and enhance learning. SMARTHINKING connects students to qualified educators anytime, from any Internet connection. From supplementing current learning support programs with SMARTHINKING’s qualified and trained e-structors, to licensing SMARTHINKING’s technology platform to create a private-labeled virtual learning assistance center, SMARTHINKING develops custom solutions to enable institutions to better support their faculty and students.
SMARTHINKING currently works with over 500 school clients and businesses, including the U.S. Army, Capella University, University of Texas Telecampus, and Houghton Mifflin. Our unique standing in the e-learning market has allowed us to attract an outstanding management team and staff of over 200 professionals and educators.

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