Article 2 – Learn More About What in the World Makes Us All Neighbors

The Web truly gives us an opportunity to learn in ways never before more than dreams. We can share the beauty of different environments, the diversity of cultures, and the oneness of humanity. Most of all we can form virtual communities through direct contacts with people anywhere in the world. These Web sites can start you on those journeys.

Unless otherwise identified, the descriptions of each site come directly from the sites themselves. is a global online community, providing youth with inspiration to make a difference, a source of information on issues, opportunities to take action, and a bridge to get involved locally, nationally and globally.

This Canadian site offers a tremendous opportunity to link students to others around the world!  Think of going from pen pals to web pals with purpose!– ED TIGed is a new tool from TakingITGlobal (TIG) that allows students to learn about social issues and express themselves in a setting controlled by teachers and focused on the effective use of technology in the classroom. Using TIGed, teachers can create virtual classrooms in which they can post assignments (or choose from assignments designed by TIG staff or other teachers,) start and track student discussions, and even maintain an online art gallery. Teachers can also discuss and collaborate within their schools, or with other teachers from around the world on through TIGed.

TIGed takes TIG to the next step, providing teachers with resources to organize their classes and to motivate their students with units involving communities world wide. — ED The mission of the International Children’s Digital Library  is to select, collect, digitize, and organize children’s materials in their original languages and to create appropriate technologies for access and use by children 3-13 years old.
Humankind has not woven the web of life.
We are but one thread within it.
Whatever we do to the web, we do to ourselves.
All things are bound together.
All things connect.
-Chief Seattle
Welcome! During the past couple of years, our teams of digital journalists have produced exciting and educational photo-documentary expeditions that connect online viewers to unique wilderness areas around the world.

This is a fantastic site filled with extraordinary photos and stories of locations around the world. Many are located within the U. S. and give evidence to the great diversity found within our own country. — ED For more than a hundred years, the National Geographic Society has pursued its mission to increase and diffuse geographic knowledge. The Society has made a special effort to support this goal by establishing the Education & Children’s Programs department, which works to motivate and enable each new generation to become geographically literate.

The National Geographical Society is the world’s preeminent organization pursuing the goal of providing information and conducting research related to the world’s geographic conditions. Here we have a sub site devoted to education, a valuable resource for anyone interested in learning more about our world. — ED

coteCultures On The Edge is an online magazine published quarterly by a team of experienced web entrepreneurs, along with world-renown author Wade Davis and professional photographer Chris Rainier. Together we have molded our skills to present a dynamic online magazine that hopes to support cultural diversity through education.

Cultures on the Edge offers beautiful examples about the diversity of the human condition in places many would consider the remotest parts of the earth. Yet, as we see how different various cultures are, we can also see the oneness of humanity shine through. – ED

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