Article 4 – The “Sound Approach to Learning” Series 7. Body Maintenance of The Tree of Sound Enhancement Therapy® by Dorinne Davis


Although some people do not consider health and wellness important to one’s ability to learn, The Tree of Sound Enhancement Therapy stresses the importance of wellness for maximum learning. Whereas Dr. Tomatis’ three laws (mentioned in Part 1 of the Series) say that the voice produces what the ear hears and that there is a connection between the Voice, the Ear, and the Brain, recent research has demonstrated that the ear also emits the same stressed frequencies as the voice. This research, known as The Davis Addendum® to The Tomatis Effect, further validates the connection between the Voice, the Ear, and the Brain.

This Body Maintenance connection emphasizes that wellness affects learning. The Voice-Ear-Brain connection must be in balance to maximize human potential.

Dr. Tomatis demonstrated that one’s voice reflects the harmony of the body. Over time, people have used singing, chanting, toning, and more to feel better. Currently, the voice is used to detect imbalances in the body’s responses to the surrounding world. Through vocal analysis, the voice represents the frequencies of the body as a mathematical matrix of predictable frequency relationships that help determine wellness. The frequency equivalents correspond to the various nutrients, muscles, or biochemicals in the body needed to support the body systems’ interactions. This science is called Human BioAcoustics®.

Children with learning challenges often have difficulty focusing and attending, which can be caused by a chemical imbalance in the body. BioAcoustics can help support this chemical imbalance, thereby supporting learning. Once the imbalance is identified, the listener uses low frequency analog sound to further support the Voice-Ear-Brain connection. For the developing student, helping the body support its own wellness is often the key for success when preparing the student to learn better receptively.

The body, as reflected in The Tree of Sound Enhancement Therapy, has come full circle. The Diagnostic Evaluation for Therapy Protocol (DETP®) answers the question, “Where do I begin with sound-based therapies?”—at the Root, the Trunk, the Leaves and Branches, or at the Maintenance level of The Tree ? With this question answered, one arrives at the best “Sound Approach to Learning”.


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