A non-profit organization located in Elkhart County, IN. Our goal is to help students, their parents, and others to become better aware of their lives and the problems they face as we move forward in the 21st century.

This brief video describes Eye2theWorld’s production of Songs2SeetheWorld, a collection of 14 folk songs from around the world with children of all ages in mind. See more details below and on other pages in this web site.


-Music for children of all ages

International Children songs and related activities


Transforming America’s Education

eBook by Peter Kline

Transforming American Education: The School Bell’s Ringing; Is Anyone Listening?

The School Bell’s Ringing; Is Anyone Listening?


Eye2theWorld has obtained affiliations with two major assessment programs which teachers at all levels can use to improve their pedagogical skills, Educator’s Virtual Mentor andLearning Bridges. Review these on the following pages and then link to each for more information.

Learning Bridges

Learning Bridges
Research conducted by Mid-continent Research for Education and Learning (McREL) has determined that Learning Bridges consistently has a significant impact on student achievement with gains in achievement of 13 – 21 percentile points as measured by state and district tests in both reading and mathematics (McREL, 2009).

Educator’s Virtual Mentor


Educator’s Virtual Mentor is a unique, online staff development resource using teaching videos. These are designed to help administrators develop their assessment skills and teachers to improve their teaching techniques as they watch the featured teachers demonstrate techniques that work in authentic teaching settings with real students learning real content in real time.