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Transforming America’s Education - by Peter Kline

Transforming American Education: The School Bell’s Ringing; Is Anyone Listening?16 articles by the renowned writer on educational issues, Peter Kline. Three of Peter’s other books are listed in our book list in this site. Peter takes up a variety of concerns from his vast experienced personal repertoire, including his first-hand challenges as a secondary school teacher, descriptions of evolving neuro-scientific breakthroughs that could dramatically affect learning, current critiques of how we teach and how students learn, and an indictment of the roadblocks caused by educational bureaucracies. More Info »
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songs to see the world cd cover artA wonderful collection of 14 children’s folk songs from many countries. Each is sung in the language of its native country. More Info »
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Swift- e2tw-eyeonly-logo.pngEye2theWorld (E2TW) is a 501c3 non-profit corporation providing educational services . . . and much more. All donations are deductible for federal tax purposes. We believe that the world is changing more dramatically than ever before.E2TW provides comprehensive information and insights related to More Info »
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