Learning Bridges

Learning Bridges offers five tools to help teachers to improve teaching and learning as they transition to the Common Core Standards. Unlimited access to 46 self-directed professional development offerings provide teachers an opportunity to improve their knowledge and skills on instructional strategies proven to increase achievement as well as their proficiency with the professional teaching standards.

Check the video below for detailed information about Learning Bridges and its potential to improve student learning as concluded by Mid-continent Research for Education and Learning. It determined in 2009 that significant positive differences occurred between students whose teachers had completed the Learning Bridges program and those who comprised the control groups.

“When teachers improve their instruction, student achievement improves.”

Aligned to State and Common Core Standards

 Five Support Tools: Five powerful tools. One low Price! Aligned to State and Common Core Standards.

Learning Bridges

Introduction to Learning Bridges

The Five Support Tools Described

District/School Licensing

Enable your teachers to start using these tools that are proven to make the significant difference in student achievement (McREL, 2009) with gains of 13 to 21 percentile points as measured by State Tests!

Tools Aligned to State and Common Core Standards

1. Instructional Strategies

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The first tool answers the question, "What ARE the most effective research-based instructional strategies aligned to my state's Grade Level Standards and the Common Core Standards?"

Teachers are provided DUAL access to these Teaching Practices in rank order of their power to impact student achievement for both State and Common Core Standards. By clicking on the strategy name, more information is provided on each strategy:

  • Rank
  • Description/Definition
  • What the Strategy will enable students to do with that standard
  • The role of the teacher
  • The connections to brain research and multiple intelligences
  • The connections to systems of thinking, or brain processor

2. Lesson Plans

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The second tool provides instant access to high quality Lesson Plans for every grade level standard K - 12. They are available for immediate use by teachers.

3. Parent Activities

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The third tool provides effective and easy to use Parent Activities for each grade level standard in kindergarten to 8th grade - in English or Spanish - that will engage parents in their child's learning in support of classroom instruction.

4. Professional Development

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Additionally, there are 15 courses on the Professional Teaching Standards which are essential to all teaching.

5.Online Community

The fifth tool is access to a national online learning community where teachers can ask and answer questions in an online forum. Available from their Virtual Desktop, teachers can enter into discussions by topic or begin a new discussion.


The Teacher Support Tool is a powerful tool, designed especially for teachers, that provides dual access to both your State Grade Level Standards and the Common Core Standards,

AND ... ALIGNED TO EACH of those standards are:

  1. The research-based instructional strategies in rank order of their power to impact student achievement
  2. High quality lesson plans for immediate use
  3. Parent activities to send home, and
  4. Unlimited access to 46 online professional development classes for teachers to use when and as often as needed – independently completed
  5. Access to a National Online Forum for teachers to share ideas and information.

Supported by the National Education Association (NEA) for its power to support teachers in their personal growth to increase student achievement during their teaching career.

Learning Bridges' Solution for

Turning Around Low Performing Schools

NEW Learning Bridges is providing an intensive three year program for teachers, administrators, and supervisors aimed specifically at training to meet the needs of low performing schools.

Learning Bridges solution for turning around low performing schools is a Tiered Teacher Support System delivered through a BLENDED MODEL of both onsite and online products and services that has been shown to significantly improve achievement in low performing schools.


There are three (3) tiers of support to the school based on the degree and kind of support needed for teachers in a three-year plan for school improvement:

Tier I Teacher Support

  • Teachers with 0 - 3 years of experience.
  • Support Required: Foundations of teaching (teaching standards) for induction and retention; Meeting the learning modifications of their culturally diverse students
  • Observations: Need explicit feedback from principals, PLC facilitators, and mentors using the adopted rubrics
  • Collaborative groups of teachers learn together in Professional Learning Communities. Teachers need to learn together to discuss new learning, reflect together on the learning in their school context, and refine their foundational practice.
  • Learning Communities Facilitator Guide is provided by Learning Bridges for Facilitators to guide the PLCs during the learning process. PLC Facilitators are drawn from Tier III teachers or mentors.
  • Online Professional Development recommendations are drawn from the Professional Teaching Standards plus the Cultural Proficiency courses (Professional Knowledge). Six (6) online professional development courses - two per year - over 3 years will be taken by Tier I teachers.Choices each year are determined by Principal and Teachers in each school. Online courses are taken through the

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  • Learning Bridges System with adjunct professors/instructors guiding the Online Professional Learning Communities.
    • EDCI 607J Effective Instructional Strategies
    • EDCI 607F Motivating Students
    • EDCI 607D How the Brain Learns
    • EDCI 604 Differentiated Instruction
    • EDCI 607AA - Foundations of Culturally Proficient Teaching
    • EDCI 607B Classroom Management
  • Use the Teaching Practices Guide - Learning Bridges System TOOL to guide decisions on instructional strategies for teaching literacy and mathematics ALIGNED TO the State Standards and/or the Common Core Standards - in rank order of their power to impact learning based on their Effect Size from the research.
  • Use the Parent Activities - Learning Bridges System TOOL to engage parents in learning that supports classroom activities ALIGNED TO the State Standards in Grades K - 8 available in English and Spanish.
  • Onsite training of the Learning Bridges System Tools, including the Online Professional Development System provided by certified Learning Bridges Trainer/Consultant - 1 day training

Tier II Teacher Support

  • Teachers with 3 - 7 years of experience
  • Support Required: Increasing effectiveness on impacting student outcomes, with a focus on those reflected by low scores on State Assessments that are the focus of the School Improvement Plan
  • Coaching to improve effectiveness that will impact student outcomes provided by Tier III Literacy and Math Coaches, Mentors, and PLC Facilitators
  • Online Professional development needs to be targeted on student outcome improvement needs supported by Online Professional Learning Communities led by certified adjunct professors/instructors. Choices for online professional development courses are determined by the results of the Synthesis System reports run by grade level against the low scores in Literacy and Mathematics. Teachers participate in two (2) online courses per year.
  • Participation in Onsite Professional Learning Communities led by Tier III Literacy and Math Coaches, Mentors, and PLC Facilitators to collaborate in their learning process, reflecting on their learning and analyzing student work as they learn new practice. PLC Facilitators will use the Learning Bridges Facilitator's Guide to Professional Learning Communities to assist them with PLC facilitation.
  • Course recommendations drawn from the Content Pedagogy Knowledge Online Professional Development classes correlated to student outcomes and proven to improve effectiveness defined as the ability to impact achievement (McREL, 2008, 2009). Learning Bridges Content Pedagogy courses are ALIGNED TO State Standards ensuring that instruction is standards-based with a focus on literacy and mathematics.
  • Use the Synthesis System TOOL of  Learning Bridges to identify the instructional interventions and online courses -in rank order of their power to impact learning - correlated to TARGETED student outcomes - that are the focus of improvement in Language Arts and Mathematics. The results will be used to determine which professional development is appropriate for which teachers.
  • Use the Teaching Practices Guide - Learning Bridges System TOOL that identifies research-based instructional strategies ALIGNED TO State Content Standards and/or the Common Core Standards - in rank order of their power to impact learning - based on the Effect Size from the research.
  • Use the Parent Activities - Learning Bridges System TOOL to engage parents in learning that supports classroom activities ALIGNED TO State Standards for Grades K - 8, available in English and Spanish.
  • Onsite training of the Learning Bridges System Tools, including the Online Professional Development System provided by certified Learning Bridges Trainer/Consultant1 day training

Tier III Teacher Support

  • Teachers and Administrators with expertise and experience enough to mentor and coach others, e.g. Literacy Coaches, Math Coaches, Mentors, PLC Facilitators, Principals and Assistant Principals. The principal of each school selects the coaches, Mentors, and PLC Facilitators, using existing staff who have demonstrated expertise and experience as teacher leaders.
  • Support Required: Onsite Coaching of coaches; providing explicit feedback, modeling, and guidance in how the coaches support Tier I and Tier II teachers to improve their effectiveness to impact student outcomes. Onsite Support of coaches provided monthly by Learning Bridges Coach of Coaches, a highly trained individual, experienced in coaching and certified in supporting coaches of teachers as a follow up to the onsite training.
  • Email and phone support provided by Learning Bridges Coach of Coaches as needed in between onsite visits.
  • ONSITE Training - 6 days - customized to meet the needs of the school's Literacy Coaches, Math Coaches, PLC Facilitators, Mentors, Principals, and Assistant Principals to assure that they can support teachers in their learning process.


Three Days Onsite - Year One

  • Creating and Leading Professional Learning Communities - 1 day
  • Welcome and Overview of the Learning Bridges System - 1/2 day
  • Group Facilitation Skills - 1/2 day
  • Teaching Practices Guide, Synthesis, and Content Pedagogy/Professional Knowledge Inventory TOOLS - 1/2 day
  • Professional Development System - 1/2 day

Three Days Onsite - Year Two Option

  • Curriculum Congruence - 1 day
  • School Improvement Planning - 1 day
  • Student Assessment and Data Analysis - 1 day
  • Curriculum Alignment - 1 day

All of the training materials contain the declarative and procedural standards for the training, the activities required to master the standards, and the assessment tasks required to demonstrate proficiency with the content. Training is provided by a Certified Learning Bridges Consultant Trainer. All training is evaluated against the training standards by the participants who receive it. ELECTRONIC COPIES OF THE TRAINING MANUAL, THE PARTICIPANT MANUAL, AND THE PRESENTATION MATERIALS WILL BE PROVIDED TO THE PRINCIPAL UPON COMPLETION OF EACH MODULE for their continued use. Participant manuals will be provided by Learning Bridges.

  • Principals and Teacher Leaders need to be knowledgeable of the entire Learning Bridges System, including the content from both the Professional Knowledge and Content Pedagogy Knowledge which they will gain by access to the Accelerated Courses. They will gain knowledge of the Decision Tools in onsite training. Principals and teacher leaders need to develop the skills to create and lead Professional Learning Communities of teachers, to guide in the decision-making process for online professional development to focus their learning on student outcomes in need of improvement, as well as the School Improvement Planning process - all of which will be provided in onsite training.
  • Coaches need to have unlimited access to the Accelerated Courses for a quick review of the critical attributes of the online accredited course content that teachers are engaged in so they can provide better support without a huge time commitment. Accelerated courses are read-only, independently completed in about 2 hours/course, and available on each of the fully accredited online courses.
  • Use the Synthesis System TOOL of the Learning Bridges to identify instructional interventions ALIGNED TO State Standards based on assessments, and to recommend the online courses correlated to TARGETED student outcomes that are the focus of improvement in Literacy and Mathematics.
  • Use the Teaching Practices Guide - Learning Bridges System TOOL - to guide decisions on instructional strategies for teaching State Standards and/or the Common Core Standards. The research-based, instructional strategies are in rank order of their power to impact learning based on the Effect Size from the research.
  • Use the Parent  Activities - Learning Bridges System TOOL to assist teachers in engaging parents in learning that supports classroom activities in Grades K - 8.
  • Use online Administrative Reports to monitor teachers whose practice they are coaching.
  • Facilitate the Onsite Professional Learning Communities for Tier I and Tier II Teachers supported by the Learning Bridges Coach of Coaches.

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Learning Bridges